Mahayana Buddhism

Mahayana means great career or great vehicle.The Mahayana Buddhism movement originated from the split of the liberal Mahasanghikas from both orthodox Mulasarvastivadins and conservative Sthavira circa 250 BCE onward.  The Mahayana Buddhism refers to the complete teaching of the northern and new wisdom school of Buddhism that indicates salvation for all because they are gifted with the Buddha or enlightenment nature and they can awaken the enlightenment through it.The Mahayana Buddhism promotes the ideal of the Bodhisattva or enlightening being that postpones his entry into Nirvana or the perfect enlightenment for him to take other beings on the road to the enlightenment out of compassion for them. The Mahayana Buddhism has flourished in China, Tibet, Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Vietnam as well as Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, Bhutan, Ladahk, Sikkim.  The Mahayana sects have taken root recently in western countries.

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