The Seventh World Youth Buddhist Symposium (Jul.30-Aug.2)

This summer in Chiang Mai (Thailand), a comfortable hotel bed for FREE, delicious meals for FREE, meeting distinguished Buddhist masters from Theravada and Mahayana traditions, attending interfaith discussions with renowned academic scholars……so you’ll know “The Way to Happiness”!
1. When? July 30 – August 02, 2017

2. Where? Chiang Mai, Thailand

3. Who can attend? Academic scholars, university students, members of Dharma centers and anyone who is interested in the topic

4. How to attend? Submitting a paper or simply applying as an audience member

5. Travel stipend: Accommodation and meals are covered by the organizers.

6. Call for paper & participation:

7. Apply for participation:

8. Application deadline: April 09, 2017.

9. Program: 1) interfaith dialogues; 2) keynote speeches from renowned academic researchers and spiritual leaders; 3) flash talks from authors of selected papers; 4) meditation sessions led by Buddhist leaders; 5) a sightseeing tour.

10. Our facebook page:

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