Buddhist Study Retreat (May 19 – 21, 2017)

For people seeking to acquire psycho-spiritual tools to counter stress, improve mental & emotional health, and deepen the quality and meaning of their lives. The retreat aims to provide an experiential understanding of the Buddha’s teachings through meditation and various activities.

At this retreat you will:
1) Learn to put meaning and relevance into religious rites & rituals
2) Study original discourses of the Buddha
3) Practice different forms to cultivate the mind & heart, like

Relaxation Exercises & Physical Stretching
Nature Walks
Mindfulness in Movement
Forgiveness & Gratitude Activity
Sharing of Loving-Kindness
Breath Meditation
Body Scanning
Death Meditation

The cost to provide board & lodging per participant is estimated at P1,500. (Since prices of food seem to be changing fast, we may have to update this by May.) There is no payment for the facilitator, volunteer server or to the PTBF. Grateful participants may donate cash upon completion of the course.

Because of certain limitations, we might restrict the number of participants to only 15. We will make an on-line registration available soon.

For more info you can also direct questions here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/filbud/

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