Different known Deities in the Philippines before the Spanish Colonial Era

Credits to Jacob Walse-Domínguez
Original article here:

Statue of Buddhist Deities found in the Philippines

1.) #vajralasya from #butuan, part of a 3-d vajradhātu mandala that centers on vairocana #buddha.

2.) #avalokitesvara amulet/anting-anting from #batangas.

3.) unknown animist goddess found in #mindanao, she wears a crown similar to crowns found in borneo & indonesian indigenous groups. she has her hands up by her ears similar to how babaylans & other philippine ritual healers/priests/priestesses do indigenous rituals. she holds two flags.

4.) a #ganesha pendant found in mactan, #cebu.

5.) a sri yantra amulet/anting-anting found in butuan. indonesia has the oldest known record of worshipping this #yantra. #sriyantra

6.) an unknown deity/image from a philippine gold hoard. shows both an enlarged penis & possibly breasts. theorized to be an ancestor deity? is personally reminiscent of tagalog deities like lakan bakod & other fertility deities who had enlarged penises or lakapati, who is a hermaphrodite.

7.) a kinnara from surigao. half-human & half-bird, they are believed to come from the himalayas & watch over the well-being of humans in times of trouble or danger. indian in origin.

8.) a copper #shiva from mactan, #cebu.

9.) a hindu-buddhist deity from #palawan. possibly shiva, in my opinion.


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